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Memon Medical Institute was opened for public on January 6th, 2010. They administration
of the hospital intentionally inaugurated the facility without the typical fanfare seen on such
occasions. On the opening day the outpatient clinic was started with the operating officers
keenly monitoring the logistics. Once the glitches from the system running the outpatient
facility are ironed out, the plan was to start in-patient care from February 1st, 2010.

Memon Medical Institute is a not-for-profit hospital and is the largest project started by the
World Memon Community. This project will be completed in 3 phases and will serve an
encasement area of 3 million people. Underprivileged patients will be helped by a welfare fund set up by the community. The Chairman of the Board, Pir Mohammad Diwan reaffirmed
his pledge that patient care will never be compromised. Mr. Ajaz Saya CEO, MMI said that
the hospital would only seek full time faculty who can dedicate their time to their patients.

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